Ethically Made Clothing at Your Fingertips!
Ethically Made Clothing at Your Fingertips!
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Who We Are

Ethical. Sustainable. Intentional.

Our mission is to provide an intentional shopping destination where customers can truly Shop With Clarity. We want to make it easy to find ethically-made clothing from sustainable fabrics that are fashionable. For the woman who wants to feel and look good in her clothes. Knowing that each purchase with us is going towards fair wages, fair trade, sustainable fabrics, and transparent brands. We're hoping to not only provide a great shopping experience, but to also bring awareness to ethical and sustainable issues in the fashion industry. We also want to shed light and show a way forward by working with brands who value our ideals and are providing solutions.
To put it simply, we want to be Ethical, Sustainable and Intentional with everything we do.

Ethically Made Clothing

People come first. Our top priority is that every brand we feature must have ethically-made clothing and fair-wages. We want to put the heart back in fashion by bringing to the forefront that there is a person, a human, a life, behind each garment made. The people who make these garments, from beginning to end, deserve to have fair wages and working conditions. We're proud to work with amazing brands who are transparent about their process and serious about ethical standards. We believe every choice to shop ethically-made is an action. It's a hopeful step towards a more ethical fashion industry.

Sustainable Fabrics

We strive to focus on ethically made sustainable fabrics. While not all of our products are exclusively made from the following materials, they are ethically made. Some of our feature sustainable fabrics are bamboo, eucalyptus, 100% organic cotton and tencel. These fabrics are natural, breathable and comfortable on the skin. Buying sustainable is a conscious choice that benefits people and the planet.

Intentional Shopping Made Easy

We encourage our customers to take a 'Slow Fashion" approach to shopping. To us, Slow Fashion is being intentional by thinking about your purchases and how they affect people and the environment. Our quality pieces are meant to have longevity that can live in your closet for years. You can practice Slow Fashion by shopping ethically-made and sustainable products, thrifting, or even making the most of what's already in your closet. When you do need a new garment, our hope is to give you stylish ethical options that are an easy choice; so that every new purchase can be a step towards being more intentional.